Music • Film • Interactive Festival 2014: Finding a Place to Stay

Music • Film • Interactive Festival 2014 Housing | Short Term Downtown Rentals

Music • Film • Interactive Festival’s hotel room stock sells out to those who register for the conference notoriously early, but there are many other ways to find lodging in Austin for the week you’re there. Often times this works out great for people who choose to stay in a downtown condo or short term rental house in Austin. Our website provides people a handy way to find people eager to make a little scratch on their apartments during the week. We feature prime location downtown Austin condos and prime location furnished houses for Music • Film • Interactive Festival visitors.

Austin condos, apartments and houses are a great opportunity to have a uniquely luxurious experience while visiting Austin, TX for Music • Film • Interactive Festival. Many Austin residents in prime locations rent out their homes and downtown condos. These unique properties are furnished and offer a more relaxed and uninterrupted housing experience. Whether you’re looking for 2014 Music • Film • Interactive Festival housing or just researching for short term rentals for another event in Austin, a private property has lots of advantages.

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There are many advantages to staying in a privately owned short term rental home or condo. Staying in a furnished homes provides you more room to relax. The average property on our website is over 1,600 sq. feet compared to the average hotel room at only 325 sq. feet. Private residences come with more privacy than a noisy, unpredictable hotel room. Hotel rooms often have thin walls, overcrowded pools and no room to conduct business. Short term rentals in Austin also come in a variety of locations, sizes and property types. We have downtown luxury condos, large family houses and urban townhomes.

Short term rental houses, condos and apartments rented from also come with amenities you won’t find at a hotel. All of our rental properties for Music • Film • Interactive Festival include a furnished kitchen and dining space. Our properties often include: access to a vehicle at an additional charge, hair dryers, blenders, juicers, washer & dryer, kitchen appliances, cookware, dishes, outdoor entertaining space, dedicated fast wi-fi internet, home entertainment system, gaming console and more.

Advantages of Staying in a Short Term Rental for Music • Film • Interactive Festival